Frequently asked questions

As a nurse or midwife continuing professional development (CPD) is your commitment to maintain and develop your professional skills and knowledge to remain professionally competent.

Maintaining minimum CPD hours is also an annual requirement for your Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) registration.

One of the benefits of being an ANMF (Vic Branch) member is access to CPD through our Education Centre.

These modules are flexible and can be completed in your own time on any device with an internet connection.

Using this portal

Do I have to pay for the courses?

All fully financial ANMF (Vic Branch) members receive free online CPD from 3 July 2023.

The seminars and workshops which are delivered live on specific dates and times are not free, but can be purchased with a credit card. Members receive a discount.

Can I access these modules if I'm not an ANMF (Vic Branch) member?

No - currently only seminars are available to non-members. You can join ANMF (Vic Branch) to receive free access to the online modules and many other benefits

Where can I go for technical support?

Email our Education team or call 03 9275 9363 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Why can't I see my CPD records or modules I've purchased in My ePortfolio?

Members who experienced this issue have found that they completed modules on the ANMF Federal CPD site, rather than this one which is separate. Please note this site closed on 1 November 2022. All past and current users were emailed reminding them to download their CPD record beforehand. If you need to contact them, email

On 9 November 2022, ANMF (Vic Branch) launched this new portal. Your old ePortfolio record was transferred over including a list of your completed modules and the data you entered manually, but not include your certificates.

Why do I have to give feedback before I can download my Certificate of Completion?

It is important that you maintain and update your practice based on best practice research. Feedback ensures you're receiving a high-quality course that meets your learning needs, and guides us to develop more modules relevant to your practice.

Professional CPD obligations

What are my CPD requirements?

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) sets out your CPD requirements in the registration standard.

CPD must be relevant to your context of practice and you must keep written documentation which demonstrates evidence of completion of your minimum CPD hours per year:

  • Registered or enrolled nurses: 20 hours
  • Registered midwives: 20 hours
  • Dual registration: 40 hours (20 hours nursing/20 hours midwifery though some activities may be applicable to both nursing and midwifery and can be counted as such)
  • Registered nurses and midwives with scheduled medicines endorsements (i.e. RIPEN nurses): 30 hours (10 hours of which associated with their endorsement)
  • Nurse practitioners: 30 hours (10 hours of which associated with their endorsement)
  • Eligible midwives endorsed under the National Law: 30 hours (10 hours of which associated with their endorsement)

Download the NMBA Fact sheet: Continuing professional development for the full list

How do I know which modules meet NMBA requirements?

The NMBA CPD registration standard states 'CPD must be directly relevant to the nurse or midwife's context of practice'.

If the module you're completing is not deemed to be directly relevant to the context of your practice you can still elect to do this module, however you may not be able to claim it as contributing towards your CPD hours for registration renewal.

However, there may be components of the module you can claim as directly relevant to your professional employment. You may also be able to claim modules as CPD as part of your progress towards developing your career in another area of nursing or health.

How long do I keep my CPD records?

You must keep your CPD records for three years. The ANMF Professional Portfolio will assist you to store and maintain your records.

I am not registered with NMBA. What are the benefits of doing CPD?

Assistants in nursing or personal care workers are not registered with the NMBA and exempt from completing CPD.

However, expanding your knowledge and skills will only help further your career as you may decide what areas of health you'd like to work or study in the future.

I am in a clinical leadership position. How can I organise group courses for employees?

Group discounts and login registration are available from ANMF Education Centre. Email for more information.